Autoclave Aerated Concrete Equipment

Autoclaved aerated concrete(AAC) is a lightweight, precast building material that simultaneously provides structure, insulation, and fire and mold resistance. AAC products include blocks, wall panels, floor and roof panels, and lintels.

It has been refined into a highly thermally insulating concrete-based material used for both internal and external construction. Besides AAC's insulating capability, one of its advantages in construction is its quick and easy installation, for the material can be routed, sanded, and cut to size on site using standard carbon steel bandsaws, hand saws, and drills.

We take different technology to produce AAC according to different kind of raw materials.At first,we grind the sand and slag together with water into slurry,then put lime,cement,gypsum,foaming agent and foam stabilizer into the slurry,mix them and cast the mixture into the mould.After static foaming and hardening,cut the cake into blocks with the size we want.The cut cakes are then sent into the autoclave,after steam curing,we will get the porous lightweight AAC products.

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